Odarpu for Boyapati and Balakrishna

Balaiah and Boyapati

Both Balakrishna the Nata Simham and Boyapati Srinivas need some odarpu that is sympathy for each other as they got flops. Boypai hs delivered a dud in the form of Vinaya Vidheya Rama with Ramcharan and Balaiah delivered two duds with Krish Jagralamudi.

People rejected the violence in VVR from Boyapati. They also rejected the wrong portrayal of NTR in both the parts of the biopic by Krish Jagarlamudi.

Now both Boyapati and Balakrishna are desperately in need of a hit immediately. They have already come together for doing a movie.

Earlier they gave a super duper hit called Legend which ran for one year in the Telugu states which is a rare record.

Balaiah and Boyapati

People still remember that it. Later Boypati delivered another hit called Saraindu with Allu Arjun which was a good hit again to his credit. But the VVR just took all the steam out of him and the people just rejected it outright as it was loaded with an overdose of violence.

Now both Balaiah and Boyapati are using each other shoulders to convince themselves for making a come back. It will be NBK productions movie from Balaiah.

Let’s hope they will give an all-time hit for the Tollywood and the Telugu audience. At the same time, it is reported that Balaiah is trying to launch his son Moksh soon. He has been postponing it from time to time.

Whenever you ask him about Moksh will say next year we will do it positively. It is reported that Balaiah is requesting Boyapati to launch his son also at an appropriate time.

Boyapati has readily agreed for the same is on the lookout for a story.