Now Rajgopal wants to be the CM


Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy the MLA wants to become a Chief Minister for Telangana. This is nothing but a pipe dream. If this MLA from Congress who just joins the BJP wants to become the Chief Minister, then what about Kishan Reddy, Laxman, Dattatreya and others? Few leaders who are seniors have groups within themselves. They dont allow others to grow in the BJP.

One must know that the so-called Swamy who campaigned for the party in the recent elections and compared with Yogi was just brushed aside. Kishan, Laxman, Dattatreya are the key leaders and they don’t allow others to grow. That is the reality for decades. In every election, they dream of coming to power in Telangana and Andhra. But they don’t get more than 4 seats. Now they just have one seat, that too in the name of Rajasingh. Rajasingh as such has no proper relations with the BJP leaders here.

He also has resigned earlier to the party.Under these circustances, one has to see, how Rajgopal would come to power in the state and then become the Chief Minister of the state.These are nothing but a pipe dream and just the wishful thinking of the MLA. Whoever wants to grow must be able to jump the hurdles called as Laxman, Kishan and Dattatreya. The BJP idea is to project Kishan Reddy the Union Minister of the state as the CM from Telangana for the BJP.