Now Harish Rao is after Haritha Haram


Harish Rao who was very busy as the Minister for Major irrigation is confined to Siddipet. But Harish is keeping himself busy with social works and also religious functions. He is keeping his officials and the district collector busy in Siddipet. He wants his constituency to get developed in all the spheres. Now at present, he is concentrating on water conservation and also Greenary.

Today he talked about Haritha haram that is improving the greenery in the constituency. He advised the people with vast barren lands to go for green plantation so that ti would help in cooling the atmosphere and also improving rains in the region.

He also wanted the people to see that every drop of water is tapped for drinking and also agriculture purposes. He suggested that the water should not be wasted at any cost.


Harish is a senior player in politics. he worker with KCR during the Telangana agitations days and knows how to be wiht the people and for the people. He is undeterred and continuing his journey hoping for the good.

Many political parties tried to lure him, but Harish has been loyal to the TRS and KCR. Harish knows that one day his time will come. He has all the sympathy and the blessing of the people.

People are confident and are hopeful that Harish will be rewarded this time by KCR.