Now Congress wants 100 seats- Its over


The dictatorial attitude of the Congress is irking all the other parties which were supposed to be in mahagatbandhan. The Congress leaders along with Uttam Kumar Reddy the PCC chief is of the opinion that they have to contest around 100 seats to become the single largest party for forming the Government. The Congress leaders think that if they contest more than 90 seats, they will get the required 60 for forming the government.

But the TDP wants 20 seats, TJS has already moved away from the Congress as they want 17 seats, the Congress gave them 3. The BJP is trying to gather splinter groups and disgruntled elements for forming another group against the Congress and the TRS. As of now, TRS is very comfortable with the little issue here and there.

Uttam Kumar Reddy

The Mahagatbandhan is already in doldrums and with this state of affairs, the opposition is already split. This gives a lot of advantage fo the ruling party in general. People think that if the opposition cannot stay united what kind of governance will they give if they are voted to power is the question.

The warhead of Congress that is the working President Revanth Reddy is in trouble and could be arrested any time. That will make a lot of difference. Another firebrand Jaggareddy from Sangareddy is already on his knees. There is trouble for Komatireddy brothers. Senior leaders Jana Reddy and Uttam want to rule the state. The communists are also unhappy with the Congress.

So it’s all over for the so-called Gatbandhan and TRS is all set to win the polls.
u. srinivas