New RTC MD by this evening?


There is a chance that a new RTC MD could be appointed by this evening. The KCR Government is scouting the names of Stephen Ravindra, Shivdhar, Akun Sabharwal and some other police officials.

It may be noted that there were arguments in the court that how can the Government come for negotiations with the striking employees when there was no MD for the TSRTC.

The New MD could be in place by this evening and he could be a policeman who is said to be close with the higher-ups in the Government. But there is no sign of talks as yet from the Government side.

The Court has suggested that the Government must play the September salaries to the employees by Monday. If not the Court is likely to pass an order for the sake of the salaires it is reported.

KCR is, on the other hand, having an informal meeting some Ministers and officials over the ongoing strike of the employees. The Government wants to set the matter right before 19nth.

The employees have called a state bandh on 19nth and sought the cooperation other employees unions also. APSRTC employees are supporting the cause of TSRTC employees. The TRS government has ruled out the possibility of merging the RTC with the Government.