NBW against KA Paul

KA Paul

A Non Bailable Arrest Warrant was issued against the Prajashanti party, President KA Paul. The NBW was issued by the court has he failed to attend the court in the murder case of his brother David Raju.

While some accused have attended the court, Paul did not attend the court. The murder was reported on 2010 January. David Raj the brother of Paul was found dead in a car at Moosapet.

KA paul

Some duplicate car numbers were also found in the car which prompted the police to conclude that it was a murder done and was preplanned. Paul is the main accused in the murder and he was summoned by the court. But he has been evading the court. The court has now issued the NBW against Paul.

Paul on the other hand miserably failed in the recent elections. His political party Praja Shanti could not get any support from the public as such.

He was a big failure in politics. He could not impress the people with his false claims. He claims to be an advisor to people like Prime Minister Modi and also USA President Trump.

He also collected some money for the elections, but could not make any impact.