Natural Star Taken A Risk With Chiranjeevi?

natural star nani gang leader

Natural star is back with a super hit film “jersey”. the film caught all the eyes of the audience. Vikram Kumar directed the film.

Nani’s upcoming film title is creating a buzz among the people. many Chiranjeevi fans didn’t like the way Nani using his movie title.
according to the latest updates, Nani is going to be heading a group of girls in the film and that is the reason the makers decided the title as a gang leader.

It is known that Vikram Kumar is going to direct the films in a classy manner, will the title gang leader suit Nani and his fans? It will be tough to attract some US audience with such a title.

Whatever it is, the actor and the team of the film has taken a big risk by finalizing the title. let’s see whether the makers are going to give justice to the film title or not.