Nariyal Pani pe Charcha

pm modi

Modi the Prime Minister of India who is popular for serving tea and who calls himself a tea seller, today deviated from his traditional welcome. There was no tea for the Chinese President XI.Instead Modi gave him the tender coconut water with a straw. So it was like Paani pe charcha. Yes Charcha with nariyal ke pani pe chercha. Modi is known across the world for his Chai diplomacy.

Then there was this traditional Kathakali at lakeshore temple to entertain the Chinese President XI. There was Ram Bhajan and also and also a play on Rama sethu.

The characters of Rama Lakshmana along with Hanuman and Jambabana were showcased and explained to the President of China. The Bhajan was about Rama Govinda Hari.


The chieneses media immediately posted the photos of Modi and XI in China. They were viral and an instant hit. The Prime Minister was seen singing the Ram Bhajan here at the Mahabalipuram Temple.

But Pakistan and the Pak media ignored the meeting of XI and Modi. The Chinese media also posted the videos immediately. It looked as if Pakistan wantonly kept quite over the important meeting of India and China.

Both the Chief enjoyed the performance before the Kathkaliperformance here in the backdrop of the Temple.