Naked Amala is trending for Aadai

amala paul

Amala Paul the actor is in news and viral on the web. Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has liked the teaser and tweeted for Amala that the nude scene that she has done is realistic. It cannot be more real he opined as a director.

Popular actor Samantha Akkineni was also thrilled to see the teaser of Amala Paul. The one-minute teaser shows a mother complaining about her missing child to the police. The mother also informs the police that she found her daughter in a drunken condition when she met her for the last time.

The gripping scene is about Amala Paul waking up from the sleep where she finds herself completely naked. The director has done it very well. People are watching the teaser with rapt attention. Getting praises from RGV is not easy. At the same time, a leading lady star talking about another lady and her performance is something significant.

Let us hope that the film will also be as gripping as the teaser. The teaser was released in Tamil version, but the visuals are attracting the attention of the viewers. Aadai means the way you dress up to please others or showing off with your dressing.