My Home Rameshwar for TTD board!


TTD board and its affairs have become a big matter for discussion these days . There are a lot of expectations from the new Government for the people and also the workers of the TTD.

After the appointment of YV Subbareddy as the TTD chief by the new CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, the ordinary pilgrims are watching as to what would Jagan do with the TTD. The devotees are waiting to see as to who would be appointed to the board in the coming days. So many naems are being floated for the prestigious board.

There are indications that the realtor and cement king Jupally Rameshwar could be nominated to the TTD board. TTD New chief Subba Reddy who has come to meet Jeeyar Swamy in Hyderabad met Jupally here.

Jupally is a very religious person and an ardent follower of Jeeyar Swamy . Rameshwar is also very close to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Rameshwar is always a soft-spoken man seen smiling all the time with a namam on his forehead.

Rameshwar Rao is also involved in social work to some extent. He is also involved in religious functions and meetings. There is a chance that YV Subbareddy might include the name of Rameshwar in the TTD board. There is a chance that both KCR and Jeeyar Swamy might recommend the name of Rameshwar.

Rameshwar can be considered as a better choice when compared to film personalities and producers.

Apart from Rameshwar, the names of Akkinenis and producer Dil Raju is in circulation for the prestigious posts in TTD.

It has to be seen how many members from Telangana will get the chance to be on the TTD board.