Murugadoss says Muruga -Murugaa

Murugadoss says Muruga -Murugaa

Spyder director says a lot should have been done.Murugadoss reportedly said that Mahesh is a superstar in Telugu states and that Telugu audience expected to see his heroism in SPYder.

They might have felt disappointed to see insufficient heroism as it is a story-driven film, more than Mahesh he cited.

Murugadoss says Muruga -Murugaa

He said, ‘On the other hand, Mahesh is a relatively new face to Tamil audience and they didn’t see him as a star.
Hence they didn’t find a problem with not much heroism in the film and received it very well.’

Murugadoss’ has failed and his excuse for SPYder’s debacle in Telugu look unconvincing and lame? He has been associated with the Telugu film industry for more than a decade and is well aware of what Telugu audiences want.