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Muralidhar Rao is working on Telangana

After getting a thumping majority across India and winning a few seats in Telangana, the BJP is now looking at the Telugu states. Home Minister Amit Shah who was the party President has assigned the job to BJP National General secretary Muralidhara Rao. It is reported that Muralidhar has started the operation akarsh here in Telangana and Andhra. The names of MPs Nani, and senior leader JC Diwakar Reddy and his family are in the news. When it comes to Telangana, parliament members Revanth Reddy and Komati Reddy brothers from Nalgonda are in the BJP list.

Social media is busy with this news. It is reported that the Congress MPs have already met Muralidhar Rao and had discussions of joining the BJP soon. It looks like the Congress is going to be wiped out in the state of Telangana and it might be very difficult for its revival again. When it comes to Andhra the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already addressed a meeting here before going for the darshan at Tirumala. Andhra, Tamilnadu and Telangana are under the radar of the BJP. Kishan Reddy the Union Minister of state for home has already started touring the districts of Telangana.

There is a chance that Kishan Reddy could be projected as the face of Telangana in the coming days. Muralidhar, on the other hand, said that they would take the role of the opposition against TRS here in Telangana.
But K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana and the chief of the TRS has decided that they would be neutral in the parliament with the BJP.

He will be advising the same to the MPs here at the Pragathi Bhavan. They might extend issue-based support depending on the situation. But the TRS earlier has supported all the decisions of the BJP Government including demonetisation. The strategy of KCR has been that never fight with the centre. Get the works done.Even Jaganmohan Reddy the CM of AP wants to move closely with the centre and get maximum for the development of the state.



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