Modi takes oath-Rahul absent

pm modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today took oath as the member of the parliament while the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi elected from Wayanad was absent for the sweating in. Today was the first day of the 17nth Loksabha. Soon after the oath-taking Modi went round the members and greeted them with Namasthe while the members shouted Modi, Modi slogans in the parliament.

Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah went to the Prime Minister and greeted him after taking the oath. Rajnath was sitting by the side of the Prime Minister. Some members have taken oath in their mother tongue.

The giant slayer and the big name in the parliament Smriti Irani who defeated Rahul Gandhi was given a rousing welcome by the members in the parliament when she took oath as the member of the parliament.

There are 78 women MPs in the 17nth parliament. 260 new faces are in the parliament as MPs this time.

The leader of the Opposition is yet to be decided and Rahul Gandhi the Congress chief is in London.

Right now the Opposition seems to be in a disarray and they might try to get their act together in the parliament.

The Government is gearing up to take up the Aadhar bill and Triple Talaq bill in this session. The Triple Talaq bill is going to be a bit of a problem for the Government even though it has numbers. The BJP is yet to get the required numbers in Rajya Sabha for the majority.