Modi -Shah Jodi masterstroke

modi shah

One cannot take the BJP for granted. Overnight the equation has changed Devendra Fadnavis has taken over as the CM of Maharashtra. Ajit Pawar the NCP leader is the Deputy CM of Maharashtra.

Sharad Pawar who tried to make Uddhav the Sena chief as the CM said that he was not aware of the developments. Snazzy Raut the Sena leader said that Ajit Pawar deceived the people of Maharashtra.

But the reality is that it is Prime Minister Modi who could have negotiated with Sharad Pawar and gained the support for the formation of the Government in Maharashtra.

These are the politics of Chanakya style and Modi has pulled off a last-minute victory. The BJP has given a long rope to all the parties and finally has taken over the power in Maharashtra.

The BJP has 105 seats while the NCP has 54 seats.