Modi in a Lungi like Venkiah


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today was dressed in a lungi and half shirt like the Vice President Venkaiah Naidu/He is also having an angavasthram on his shoulder and talking to the Chinese Premiere. Deviating from his Chair pe Charcha Modi and the Chinese premier XI was in an informal meeting with tender coconuts and straws.

This is for the better Indo China relationship started at Mahabalipuram in Chennai. Of course, there are interpreters for both of them. They looked ina relaxed manner. The agenda is about Trade, boundary and also terrorism.

They walked around the sculptures. Modi looked as if he was representing the Tamilnadu. There is a cultural event organised in honour of President XI at the lakeshore temple this evening.


This night the PM Modi will be hosting a dinner for the Chinese President XI. The whole idea is to tame the dragon over the Kashmir issue. Today is the first day of the two days informal meet between China and India.

Prime Minister Modi looked very comfortable in his new attire and he is not used to it. It looked as if he is on a Tirumala Trip. He was wearing a black half shoe.

Mahabalipuram in fact is protected by UNESCO.XI was ina white shirt and black trouser. Modi has explained XI about the Shiva Temple here. They posed before the Shivlinga for the media shaking their hands.