Manmadhudu Movie review- good talk

manmadhudu 2 review

The initial review of the movie Manmadhudu is that it is good and filled with fun all the way. The first half is hilarious and the half after the interval is also ok. It is worth watching and enjoying. That is the twitter talk.

Nagarjuna at 60 has done well as a playboy at an old age. Rakul has exposed well suiting the requirement of the role they say. Songs and background music is soothing and fresh.

One can see a new Nagarjuna in this movie. The netizens have given a thumbs-up for the movie. Rahul Ravindran has shot the comedy scenes very well. There are jokes against the age of Nagarjuna and people will like them.

Nagarjuna at 60 has worked as a youngster at 30 and one must have guts to take the jokes going against the image of a hero and also the age. Music director Chaitan Bharadwaj for RX 100 fame has done well and it looks like he poised to enter the big league with this film.

Nagarjuna has specifically selected him for this movie and its like giving a break.

Nagarjuna has already predicted that it would be a hit and the initial talk is that it is a comedy hit.