Lot of relief for the commuters

cm kcr

People are happy with the decision of Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao that there will be no traffic challans as per the new guidelines given by the central Government.

There is no question of harassing the public he clarified in the Assembly. Some Police have taken a decision that if the commuter has helmet he will not be checked. Helmet gives all the security to the two-wheeler drivers.

So it is better for the commuters to wear the helmet and the other things can be taken care of later. It is reported that the state Government is trying to come up with a different set of rules for the state of Telangana.

The Union Minister for Transport Gadkari, on the other hand, has clarified that the new set of rules and fines were to see that the accidents can be avoided and the lives can be saved. He, however, clarified that the states can come up with their rules.

More than 10 states clarified that they will not follow the central rules and fines. Even some BJP CMs opposed the central guidelines. It is good that KCR has taken the right decision.

But there are still some traffic police who doing extra on the roads in the name of new traffic rules.