Lady Amitabh to join the BJP


There are rumours that Vijayshanti the lady Amitabh and Politician might join the BJP. She has nothing to do in Congress and on Dasara she is coming back to the BJP.

Right now she is working with Mahesh Babu for Sarileru Neekevvaru. She has made a come back into the films and all set to come back to the BJP also.

Except for the TRS, Vijayashanti did not get any success in any of the political parties. She was with Congress for some time after shifting from TRS, but she was just used for the sake of publicity here and there. She was not given any due importance in the party.

Now that the BJP is active in the Telugu states, it is reported that Vijayashanti is planning to go back into the party. She was associated with the BJP when CH Vidyasagar Rao was the president. Now Sagarji is back with the BJP.

She played Holi with Advani in Delhi when she was active in the party. It is reported that she is trying to get in touch with Amit Shah through some senior leaders. She has miserably failed in gaining all the prominence in the Congress and also the TRS . There is every chance that she might campaign for the BJP in Huzoorabad.

Now all the roads from all the political parties in the Telugu States are leading to the BJP. Leaders from the TDP and also the Congress are joining the BJP left, right and centre. Now it is Vijayshanti who is making efforts to join the BJP.

Once the central leadership clears Vijayashanti, she will become active in the party. It is a known fact that it is not easy for the leaders to sustain in the BJP in the Telugu states.

Most of the leaders who could not sustain in the BJP just moved out. Now a lot of them are coming into the party. But all said and done coming to power will just remain as a pipe dream.