Kumaraswamy Gowda ready for Trust vote


Kumaraswamy Gowda the CM of Karnataka who is in deep trouble has asked the speaker to fix time in the Assembly for a trust vote. He was speaking in the budget session. All the Ministers have resigned and only CM Gowda is holding his portfolios. On the other hand, more than 18 MLAs have resigned to their posts while the Speaker Ramesh is not accepting them.

Gowda made a statement that he is here not to cling to the power. He is wanting to go for the Trust vote in the Assembly and the Speaker said that he would do it the very next day the CM asks for it.

More than a dozen Congress MLAs have resigned for the second time and they are camping in Mumbai. If the resignations are accepted the Gowda government will come into minority and the government will collapse.


The BJP will be in majority and the Governor will be forced to call the single largest party BJP to form the Government. It has to be seen what will happen when the Gowda seeks the trust vote in the Assembly. I am ready for everything and I am not here to cling to the power Gowda said.

Now to hold the flock together, the Congress, the JD and also the BJP has booked resorts and the MLAs are being monitored from being poached by other parties. The BJP has 105 members.

Congress has lost 12 members due to resignation. On the whole 18 MLAs have resigned.