Kumara Gowdas delaying tactics

Kumara Swamy Gowda

The Chief Minister of Karnataka Kumara Swamy Gowda is trying his level best to delay the floor test being ordered by the Governor for the second time. The Governor has set a deadline of 6 Pm for today, while the Chief Minister has approached the Supreme court over the matter.

The CM moved the Supreme Court against the decision of the Governor and the floor test.

Gowda has demanded that the BJP must explain as to how his Government has failed. Gowda opined that the Governor’s order was unconstitutional.

karnataka cm

Gowda opined that it was the BJP trying to topple the Government. Gowda clarified that he was not attached to power. The BJP has alleged that the Gowda has looted the state and has taken a commission in all the deals.

The BJP MLAs have been staying in the Vidhanasowdha overnight. They might continue to stay in the house.

Saturday and Sunday, there will be no session and they have to meet only on Monday.

Yeddyurappa the BJP leader demanded that the Speaker must go for the floor test as ordered by the Governor. On the other hand, the Speaker said that the Governor’s order will not apply to the Speaker.