Khairatabad Ganesh Nimajjan complete


The Nimajjan process of Khairatabad Ganesh has ended at about 1.40 this noon amidst tight bundobust. The Tallest Ganesh which is 61 feet in height has been immersed in tankbund at Hyderabad.

The police had a sigh of relief and now other Ganeshas will follow to the Nimajjan process.

Special cranes have been mounted for the Nimajjan at Tankbund. Minister Srinivas Yadav and Bonthu Rammohan the mayor are supervising the arrangements for the same. One of the major hurdles was that there were overhead powerlines enroute earlier.

Now they have become underground and there is no problem with the power lines. Special Band baja is also being arranged for the bada Ganesh here and people are coming in large number to see it. Thousands are participating in the Bada Ganesh procession.

For the first time, Maha Harathi would be performed at Carne No 6 for the Bada Ganesh before the Nimajjan. Sivasattula dance is the main attraction for Bada Bappa today.

Pilgrims from Andhra Pradesh are also coming to see the Ganesh here. The Minister is camping at the Necklace road office so that the Ganesh could be immersed by afternoon today so that it will not become a hurdle to other Ganeshas coming from other parts of the city.