KCR to meet PM Modi this evening


K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana will be meeting PM Narendra Modi in Delhi this evening at about 4 PM. It is being publicised an offical meeting for the pending issue of the state of Telangana. But in reality is a political call from KCR it being learnt. He would be discussing on the early poll in Telangana as well as the understanding between the TRS and BJP. Like every election, it will be a huge disappointment for the BJP here as they cannot go all out against the TRS.


The idea would be to support the TRS for the Assembly polls and the TRS would, in turn, support the BJP for the parliament elections. later if needed the TRS will support the BJP government at the centre. Most of the pending issues at the centere for the state would be settled just before the announcement of the elections for in Telangana.

The state and the legislators have already gone into the election mode and the first public meeting for all the lawmakers would be held in Hyderabad on September 2 which would be addressed by the KCR here.

This will serve the purpose as a general public meeting for all the candidates. Later KCR wold declared the list of the candidates in a phased manner. Some of the MLAs have already been confirmed about the seats. Some were hinted to get ready for going to Delhi that is for the parliament.