KCR, Jagan join the Deeksha Vandanam


The Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh today jointly attended the naming ceremony of Bala Swamy Kirankuamr of the Saradha Peetham here on the banks of the River Krishna. The bala Swamy was named as Swatmanandenda Saraswathi.

He will be in control of the Visakha Sarada Peetham announced Swarupanandendra Saraswathi in front of the CMs KCR and Jagan.

The Big Swamy in front of the guests prostrated to Balaswmay as if he is handing over the charge here. It was a rare scene. Maha Swamy has bowed before the Bala Swamy.

From now on Swatmanandendra will be in control of the Saradapeetham. Later the Bala Swamy performed pada pooja to Swarupanandendra.
The chief Ministers followed the rituals with rapt attention. Flowers were showered on big Swamy amidst Vedic chantings.

Congress leader and Industrialist Subbirami Reddy was also present on the occasion here during the Deeksha Vandanam. Later priests from all the temples have offered prasadam and blessing to the Bala Swamy.

Nagaphani Sharma was the compere for the program. KCR and Jagan together offered a silver crown to Bala Swamy. Sharma praised KCR and Jagan left and right on the dais. KCR is Krishna and Jagan is Arjuna Sharma described.

It looked as if Sharma has hijacked the program for some time.