KCR is a genius who built Yadadri


Today is a very auspicious day as the temperature has turned cool in both the Telugus states said the Maha Swamy of Sharada Peetam.
Swarupanandendara was the name given by my guru and I gave the name of Swatma to the Bala Swamy he said. Both names carry the same meaning.

Both the CMs like the Bala Swamy he said. I like KCR and Jagan very much and I told all my followers about this. Even before the elections, we gave the predictions about KCR and Jagan he said.


He thanked the CMs for gracing the occasion and participating in it. All the gods blessed Swatmanandendra said the Maha Swamy. The Shankara Sena sevaks have made this function possible he said.

KCR is a genius said Swamy.KCR read Mahabharata twice he explained. He complimented KCR for building Yadadri and Vemulawada. He complimented KCR that eve Hindu party leaders did not do yagams like him.

Visakha Sarada Peetham worked for Jagan for the last 5 years he said. We wanted Jagan to win. Next 3 terms Jagan and KCR must continue Swamy stated.