KCR for Praja Darbars -Urgent need for reforms

cm kcr

Praja Darbars will be conducted across the state to resolve the people’s issues and land issues announced K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana. Speaking in the Assembly he said that the Sarpanches should see that there is green cover in the area, otherwise he will not get the salary or will lose the job he warned.

KCR said that he would tour all the districts along with the ministers and the officials to resolve the public problems.

That is the reasons we are bringing in the new laws and I am involved in every sentence KCR said. The district collector will be head of the green committee he explained.

The poor Girijans will also get Ryhtu Bandhu and Ryhtu Beema he announced. You will see wonders in the next 3 years. Siddipet is somewhat better than other areas, but up not up to the mark he said.

The layout approvals will be given by the district collectors he said. We are improving the role of the district collectors by empowering them. There is an urgent need for reforms he stated.

There is heavy corruption in the MCH he agreed. This has to be stopped and there is an urgent need for reforms KCR explained. That is the reason new laws are cooming KCR said.

At any cost for the good of the people, reforms will be implemented.