KCR dedicates Kaleshwaram to Nation


After the Jalasankalpayagam here at Medigadda, K Chandrasekhar Rao along with Special guest Governor Narasimhan and Chief guests, the CM of Maharashtra Fadnavis, the CM of AP Jaganmohan Reddy witched the Motors on for pumping the water. After pumping the water, the CM KCR dedicated the Kaleshwaram project to the Nationa. Before that, he has shown the maps to the Governor and CM at Medigadda.

There was a video presentation also at the venue. Ministers for irrigation from Maharashtra and AP were also there at the launching of Kaleshwaram here in Telangana.

AP CM Jagan switched on and opened pylon arranged here for the launch of the project. Later all the CMs broke the coconuts along with Governor Narasimhan, before the launch at the site. Later KCR launched the project by cutting the ribbon along with guests by breaking the pumpkin.

The guests worshipped Ganga with rice,, clothes and coins along with kumkum and Chandan at the barrages. Later Governor and the three CMs boarded a luxury vehicle to launch the Motors. KCR explained that the project has been completed in three years time.