Kaleshwaram gives drinking water to Hyderabad

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Kaleshwaram can be said as the irrigation project of records in many ways. The project cost is estimated at around Rs 80500 crore and so far around Rs 50000 crore has been spent. About 40 TMC of drinking water would be drawn from the project it is reported. Out of the 40 TMC 30 TMC will be diverted to Greater Hyderabad while the other TMC goes to the villages.

A project of Records:

The project work was done with a workers force of 60000 people. Some times the work was done in 3 shifts and 4 shifts also to meet the specified deadlines.

The mud work was done to the extent of 53 crore cubic meters with the help highly sophisticated machinery

The steel or iron rods have been used to the extent of 4.2 lakh metric tonnes.

When it comes to cement about 8.5 crore bags have been used.

1.7 lakh cubic metres of sand was used at various stages and levels of the project.

About 18,25,700 acres of new land will come into irrigation once Kaleshwaram starts pumping water.

Greater Hyderabad will get 30 TMC of drinking water from Kaleshwarm. Villages will get 10 TMC
The industries will get 16 TMC of water from Kaleshwaram