Kaleshwaram Bankers to be honoured

cm kcr bankers

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will be honouring the bankers who have financed the project to the extent of around Rs 30000 crore and another 20000crore is ready for disbursal it is reported.

Bankers played the major role in financing the project and the Chief Minister has decided to honour them. The celebrations will be done across the state and the TRS cadres in all the villages are getting ready for the same. Andhra Bank, Punjab National bank, PFC,NABARD, have financed the project.

The project cost is around 80,500 crore and so far around 50000 crore has already been spent on the project. Around 20,000 crore has been spent by the Government for the project so far.

The works are going on a faster pace and some places trial runs have been successful. The Bankers have expressed the happiness that they have also become part of development in Telangana by financing the Kaleshwaram project.

On the other hand, the permissions for the project were also obtained in one years time at a faster pace. This is due to the hard work of the officials and the engineers who worked hand in hand under the supervision and the guidance of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Apart from the Bankers, the Chief Minister also has decided to recognise the service of the Engineers and other technical personnel who have made the project possible and to be executed on time.

The project would to showcase to the World Bank and also other financing agencies when the investment is required for the state of Telangana. The project would become a good example of the proper utilisation of funds. Pooling about one lakh crore for the multistage lift project is not easy. Here the Telangana Government has made it possible.