JSK for 2nd round of green challenge


After crossing 2 crore sapling plantation under green Challenge program, Joginapally Santosh Kumar the MP from TRS has started the second round of green Challenge.

It is learnt that the Challenge has attracted the attention of Rahul Gandhi the former Congress Chief.

Grandhi Mallikharjuna Rao the chief of popular GMR group has accepted the green challenge of Joginapally Santosh Kumar (JSK) the TRS MP. GM Rao has planted a sapling in his house and posted the same.

It may be noted that the green challenge sapling plantation started by JSK has reached 2 crores . Making this occasion a memorable one and the success of the green Challenge JSK posted one more selfie yesterday.

JSK the TRS MP started the challenge a year ago and as of now, it is 2 crore saplings. The sapling last year has grown very well and now another sapling was planted and a selfie taken.

The idea was to plant one sapling and post the same to three people. They, in turn, will post to the other three people. This gets multiplied and now has reached 2 crore which is a big achievement in growing the greenery.

First JSK has planted the sapling and tagged Governor Narsimhan, Actor Agarjuna and also the Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu. They, in turn, planed sapling and accepted the challenge of JSK.

This is a sort of records and let’s hope someone would recognise the effort of JSK the TRS MP in the near future.