Jagananna a jumping japang

lokesh jagan

Lokesh Nara the son of Chandrababu Naidu who lost the election, is slowly coming into form and he has started analysing the Budget. The beneficiaries of the Amma odi scheme have been reduced to half Lokesh pointed out. Why should the Government reduce the lady beneficiaries he questioned?

Lokesh has tweeted that Jagan should name the scheme as Jagananna jumping Japang as he is skipping half of the beneficiaries. The women will understand the trick of Jagan he opined.

He said that some mothers are benefitted and some others are skipped and Jagan can name this as Jagananna jumping Japang Lokesh tweeted.

Lokesh also chided that when Jaganmohan Reddy and Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath were speaking during the budget session, Chief Whip Srikanth was sleeping Lokesh pointed out.

If the ruling party members dont have interest in the budget, how will others follow the budget Lokesh questioned? He also ridiculed at the way Jagan named some schemes after him even before completing a year of Governance.naming the schemes after YSR is OK, but can the CM name the schemes after him Lokesh ridiculed.

Some of the schemes were renamed as YSR and some of them were branded as Jagananna Schemes. Putting Jagan name is a mistake and the YSRC advisors should have suggested this to the Chief Minister as he is just one month old in the Governance of Andhra Pradesh.