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fadnavis to be the Chief Guest at Kaleshwaram

It has been decided by the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao that the Maharasthra CM fadnavis would be the chief Guest for launching the prestigious Kaleshwaram project on 21st of this month. KCR will go in person to  Maharasthra and impress upon fadnavis to come for the launch of the Kaleshwarm project in Telangana. On the hand, Chandrashekhar Rao said that the whole World is looking at Telangana State with awe, where a major component of works of the Kaleswaram project like the construction of barrages, complicated lift irrigation works and setting up of the power substations were completed in two to three years.

The reason for this is that in a country like ours it will take decades to complete the irrigation projects and Kaleswaram will go down in the history as a marvel. The CM observed that it is a great matter of pride that in the Telangana region where irrigation projects work was done at a snail’s speed under the erstwhile rule, all the irrigation projects in the State now are progressing on a war footing speed. It is also a matter of great importance that all the irrigation officials, engineers, workers, work agencies are doing with commitment and dedication keeping in mind the top priority accorded by the government in supplying water to the farm sector.

Since there will be a lot of water flow in the Godavari basin due to the onset of Monsoon, the CM has instructed the irrigation officials, Working Agencies personnel to complete the rest of the works on a fast track and divert Godavari water from Kaleswaram to the arid lands in the Telangana State. He wanted all the tanks in Telangana to be filled with water. The CM instructed the official to get ready to lift 150 TMC water after completing works on three Barrages and five pump houses. The CM wanted that from Kaleswaram to Kodad, farmland should be supplied with the Godavari water.

He urged the officials, engineers and work agencies to work with dedication and coordination in bringing in Kaleswaram water to use in this season only. The CM also told them about the precautionary technical steps to be taken when the flood hit due to rains. He wanted the officials to have the latest communication system so that communication among all the concerned will be effective for the entire project. Once the projects are completed with God’s grace, they will be named after Gods or historically important Telangana names.



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