J and K to be developed with peoples aspirations

pm modi

Jammu and Kashmir apart from Laddakh will be developed and empowered according to the aspirations of the people assured Prime Minister of India.

The elections would be held once the atmosphere is conducive as the law and order is improving by the day here opined the Prime Minister.

He said that some vested interests were against the removal of article 370 and the reorganisation of the Jammu and Kashmir.

The democracy has come back to the valley Modi stated. The legislation was done with all the legality in the Parliament and as per the democratic traditions, he explained.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: I have assured people that elections in Jammu and Kashmir will continue and it is the people of these regions only who will represent the larger public. Yes, those who ruled Kashmir thinking it is their divine right to do so will dislike democratisation and peddle incorrect narratives.

They do not want a self-made, younger leadership to emerge. These are the same people whose own conduct in the 1987 elections has been suspect. Article 370 has helped the local political class avoid transparency and accountability. Its removal will only empower democracy even more.”

Apart from the elections to the Assembly, local body elections will also be held and the Governor is working on it said the Prime Minister.

Modi also said that the atmosphere is now conducive for the business and also film shootings here in the valley.