Its BJP in Maharashtra and Haryana


The Modi and Shah charisma remains intact. The BJP is poised to win in both the states that went for polls according to all the survey. The Gandhis seem to have miserably lost the election.

All the surveys indicate a win for the BJP here in the two states. People have endorsed the repealing of article 370. The BJP is poised to et more than 200 seats out of the 288 seats in Maharashtra.

Haryana is all set to give around 70 seats to the BJP. The Shiv Sena is all set to improve its tally this time with bigger vote share. The first member of the Thakerey clan Aditya is all set to win with a big margin.


Aditya brought in a new look to the party and could consolidate the vote bank for the Shiv Sena. Sena is poised to get around 100 seats and may get the deputy CM post by the side of Fadnavis. Both the BJP and Sena will improve the number of seats this time.

But the voter turn out has been disappointing to some extent. In Maharashtra, it is 65 percent and in Haryana, it is around 75 percent. The Congress cadres are demotivated at this juncture.

The BJP is poised to get 2/3rd majority. The BJP gets around 55 per cent vote and the Congress gets around 20 percent vote. So it’s clear that the Opposition is being wiped out by the BJP in the country.

The agenda of Congress Mukht Bharat is coming to a reality for the BJP in the country.