Is Srireddy joining Police?


Srireddy the actor who made a big controversy on the casting couch issue in the film circles is now becoming a police. There are rumours that she would be joining the police so on and so forth. But it is for the sake of acting don’t take it seriously. Sheis an actor and she will remain an actor there is no second thought about this.


She got an offer from the Tamil cinema where she would act as a police officer it is reported. Not only in Hyderabad, she created a Hungama in Chennai also. While the Tollywood people took her lightly, the Tamilnadu people now have her an opportunity to become a police in the coming movie. The movie name if Reddy diary and Srireddy posted this in the social media.

We do not know who is the director and who is the producer for this movie. But she has agreed to take this assignment. But reminded that leaks would continue on the people who exploited in the name of giving roles in the movies.

Whoever or however big they may, the names will be exposed now or later she revealed. It looks like she has shifted her base to Chennai from Hyderabad.