IT to investigate into Rahul & Sonia

IT to investigate into Rahul & Sonia

The National Herald case is chasing the Sonia Gnadhi family and the congress party is in trouble along with the VP Rahul Gandhi. While Sonia is unwell, Rahul is suffering with debacles one after the other. His credibility as a leader is at stake.Young Indian Private Ltd, a company which has Congress bosses Sonia and Rahul Gandhi as its main stakeholders, will be investigated by income tax officials.

The Delhi High Court ruled today MP Subrmanian Swamy has accused Rahul Gandhi, PM Nehru’s great-grandson, and Mrs Gandhi, of setting up Young Indian Company to buy the debt using Congress party funds even though Associated Journals allegedly had real estate assets worth at least $335 million, which would have cleared the debt.

While Sambit Patra of the ruling BJP described it as a “major setback” for the Congress, the opposition party claimed it was not a setback for the party and its leaders as the court has allowed the company to raise objections before the income tax assessing officer.

IT to investigate into Rahul & Sonia

“We will now go back to the assessing officer and can raise objections, including challenging the move to re-open income tax investigation as the I-T department doesn’t have enough evidence to probe Young Indian,” said senior lawyer and Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

At the heart of the court case is Associated Journals Limited, publisher of three newspapers, including the National Herald, an English daily founded and edited by Jawaharlal Nehru before he became India’s first prime minister.

In 2008, the company shut down with an alleged unpaid debt of about $ 15 million.