International snacks festival at Metro

International snacks festival

An International Snacks festival will be held for 3 days this month-end at all the Metro stations in Hyderabad with the help of Tourism development corporation. The Telangana Tourism development corporation would be organising these snacks festival at the metro stations from evening 3 to 9 pm in the night.

Commuters of the metro rail and the people, in general, can come to these festivals and enjoy the snacks at reasonable prices. This will be of different varieties and tastes.

Apart from this, the metro corporation will also be organising a science festival in the metro stations in the near future. The idea is to make the metro stations lively and useful to travellers from time to time.

Food makers from 10 states and 7 countries would be coming to Hyderabad to set up stalls at these stations for 3 days under the supervision of the Telangana Tourism development corporation.

At the same time, the Tourism department would collaborate with the Telangana cultural department to organise some cultural events here at the metro stations by the side of the food festival and also the science exhibition.

The idea is to make the metro stations lively so that the commuters will enjoy the travel.