I am safe says Rajasekhar


Jeevita Rajasekhar the hero who met with a car accident this morning said that he is safe and does not have any major issues. Rajasekhar said that the car hit the divider as the car tyre got punctured.

After coming out of the car through the windshield, Rajasekhar called up the police and then called up his wife Jeevitha.

Rajasekahar said that a passer-by dropped him up to the car of his wife Jeevitha which picked him up and later he was admitted to the hospital. Rajasekhar is alight and all is well.

Rajasekhar said that he was alone in the car and that a car which came in the opposite direction stopped for him and helped him till he reached the car of his wife.

The Police is yet to respond over the accident on the condition of Rajasekhar who was alone in the car. We also do no know if Rajasekhar was driving the car.

But we can see some bruises over Rajasekhars face. The balloon which was supposed to open in the high ended car failed to open and Rajasekhar received some bruises. The car rolled three times after hitting the road divided it is reported and the front portion got smashed completely.