I am alright- Gods Grace

kcr cm


I was having a cold and went to Yasoda Hospital but they did 40 tests and within an hour with the latest equipment confirmed that all is well clarified KCR.

Some people have wishful thinking, but the people want me to remain in power he said.

It was just a cold and some antibiotics have given the relief he stated. As long as people want I will be there, and not afraid of anyone he thundered.

As a single person, I led the Telangana moment and I got Telangana and we are happy now he said. At the same time India should be federal he suggested.

It is a conclave of states he said. We are not Tanashais we are the workers of the people and we must go and work according to the mode of the people he said.

Next time Federal front will win the power he said. Both Congress and BJP have failed he opined. People want a federal system he opined. CAA is not good he stated. Muslim are also our brothers, why go against them he questioned?