Harish Rao says the credit goes to KCR

Harish Rao Kcr

Its KCRs will and determination that has completed the project of Kaleshwaram said MLA Harish Rao. Harish Rao participated in the celebrations of Kaleshwaram in his constituency with his followers. He said that it was the political will of Chandrasekhar Rao which made the project possible.Harish said that the rulers of the United Andhra never bothered about the plight of the farming community. He said that for the last 70 years there was very less welfare for the farming community and there were suicides also.

He said that it was KCR who bothered about the plight of the farming community and started the financial help for them. Now with Kaleshwaram, there will be water for the two crops and it is the festival time for the farming community here in Telangana. More than 20 districts are covered under the project for irrigation, drinking water and also the industries.

While Harish tried to be pleasant at the meeting, his followers found fault with the attitude of the Government and KCR for not inviting Harish Rao who toiled day and night for the project. But Harish did not indulge in that kind of discussion.Social Media is also viral about harish Rao not being invited for the launch of Kaleshwaram. Some of them also questioned about extending the invitation to the AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy.