Green Challenge will break records

mp santhoshkumar

The Green India Challenge is set to break all the records in the near future. The MP from TRS Joginapally Santosh Kumar has started planting saplings for the Greenary and challenged 3 others to follow the same.

Now it is going on like a Yagna across the Country and also different parts of the world. People from the Telugu states and TRS cadres across the world are taking up the challenge of planting the saplings and also motivating others in a big way.

No one has thought that the Challenged posed by Santosh Kumar will catch up like a wildfire. The personality of Santosh has added to the glamour of challenge and now everyone wants to do their own bit to save the mother earth from global warming.

crossing the 3 crore mark in tree plantation itself is a big achievement and is like a record of sorts. Now Joginapally is targeting a record around 10 crore in planting the saplings.

So far no one has used technology in the form of messages to motivate the people for saving the mother earth from Global warming. Santosh has succeeded to a greater extent and he deserves an award and also a good recognition at the level for this achievement.

It was KCR’s call that we must all strive to make the environment clean and green. Taking the cue from the KCRs call, Santosh has thought of this Green India Challenge and the rest is history.

Legends like director K Vishwanath have got motivated from the call given by Santosh and has planted the sapling at that age. This goes a long way in motivating others.