Gold goes up all-time high -Rs38315

gold price

The Indian gold prices have climbed an all-time high. The 10 grams gold is costing Rs 38315. This is the first time that the prices have gone up so high.The rate is about 25 percent higher than the last year.

The escalation of trade tensions between India and China apart from the difference of rupee with the dollar is said to be one of the reasons for the rates of gold climbing up.

Investors who have invested in Gold are happy than those people who have invested in the equities. People investing in Gold can be sure of the rates hovering around Rs 38000 per ten grams.

Silver rates are also catching up with the Gold rates in a phased manner. The silver is quoting around Rs 44000 per Kg.

The rise in investment in terms of Gold and silver and has gone up resulting in the rise in rates to an all-time high. With the festival season coming in from Ganesh Chaturthi the prices of gold and silver remain around 38000 per 10grams and 44000 per Kg according to the market sources.They might slightly come down. But the general trend is a rise in the rates.