Free health for all in Telangana


What is the basis for K Chandrasekhar Raos announcement that the TRS will be in power for another two terms and that he would be the Chief Minister of Telagnana and not KTR.

Earlier he clarified that he was doing well and his health was in good condition. There was no need for KTR to step in. He also announced yesterday in the Assembly, that the TRS Government has some more welfare schemes for the welfare of the people here in Telangana.

There is a statewide discussion on the political circles over the proposed schemes by KCR. What are the schemes is the big question. Yes, one is free health for all the in the state irrespective of the financial status.
Cards would be issued to the poor for the free health in all the hospitals and the rich would also get cards with a nominal fee and overall the scheme would be free health treatment for all.

The next would be to provide employment for all. The youth would be called and provided employment in the private sector in a big way. Industries would be set up and the Andhra Model will also be examined in providing the jobs in Telangana.

This will be announced by the next elections or just a year before the proposed elections. Telangana will have the Assembly elections one year in advance or will be at the same time during the one nation one poll general elections.

Yesterday he just brushed aside the claims of the BJP and the Congress that they would come to power in the next elections. They are just daydreaming KCR said.