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Finance Minister gets more than 2000 suggestions

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman who is getting ready to present the full budget for the current financial year has been flooded with more than 2000 suggestions. Nirmala Seetharaman has asked the social media users to give her the suggestions for making a people-friendly budget for the year 2019. Her account has been flooded with more than 2000 suggestions it is reported. This is an effort from the Finance Minister to get a feel of things that the people really want. It is to feel the pulse of the common man. The Budget is supposed to be presented on 5th July.

Praising Nirmala someone tweeted “A Minister who is willing to listen”. It looks like the Union Minister has given a feeling of participation to the people of India in making the Budget. If the suggestions would be incorporated or not is a different matter. They were allowed to suggest to the Union Finance Minister is the point.People are appreciating the way she allowed the people to participate in making the budget.
Apart from this, the Finance Minister is also meeting experts and industrialist to know about their requirements.

Majority of the suggestions she got was about Income Tax slabs. Some women asked Nirmala to reconsider Taxes on the purchase of Jewellery.The interest on Education and Home loans should be less some others suggested. Some citizens asked for higher stab on Income Tax. People taking care of dependents and senior citizens must get more tax exemptions some of them suggested. One of them requested the Government to consider the plight of people when they lose their jobs.

Some of them tweeted the same to PM Narendra Modi also. A few of them wanted the Government to do away with the Income tax. There were suggestions to stop the free rice and other things in the name of the poor and farming community. Please increase the scope of Jobs and investment the youth and jobless people suggested.People want a subsidy on dishwashers and other electronic gadgets. Home buyers must be rewarded was the suggestion. Some one suggested that tax should be collected to help teh army Jawans.



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