Fight against Drugs: Dattatreya


Himachal is known as the land of God and also identified as Virbhoomi said Bandaru Dattatreya the Governor. Soon after the oath-taking he spoke to the Media. He said that It has high traditions, rich culture and customs, which sets this mountainous region apart from others.

I consider it my privilege to have a chance to work as a Governor in this Himalayan state close to nature”, said the Governor and added that nature has given immense beauty to Himachal and was very much discussed in our south India, especially the mountains, snow and clean environment.

Governor Bandaru Dattatraya said that he had a vast experience of public service as a politician and now he has to discharge the responsibility of the constitutional post. He said that as a Governor, he could only help in accelerating the pace of development of the state by staying within the scope of the constitution.

The schemes implemented by the government for the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable person in the society could contribute to it so that the real benefits of these schemes and programs can reach the general public, he added.

He said that it would be their endeavour to take forward the pace of development in coordination with the government and the opposition both.

He said that he would like to work on some issues, including tourism development, quality education and awareness against drug addiction in the state. He would like to contribute in the development of high-end tourism and religious tourism, he said. He added that the important was to preserve nature here and to maintain the greenery, forest, rivers.

He said that the literacy rate of Himachal was very high, probably second in the country after Kerala but he would like to add that education needs to be linked to employment. “It will be my endeavour to move towards qualitative education in higher educational institutions. Attention should also be paid to qualitative as well as moral values”, said Dattatraya .

The Governor said that he had always been a person belonging to the poor, neglected, working and peasant class. It would be his endeavour that all the programs and schemes of the government related to them should be implemented in the right direction, said the Governor.

He added that there should be no place of drugs in the Devbhoomi and we would work together against evil like drugs.