Dorasani is a good love story-Movie review


Anand Devarakonda the brother of Vijay Devarakonda has done well along with Sivathmika from the Rajasekhar Jeevitha family. Both the actors are from the cine family and they are doing the first movie. Both have done well and the film is judged to be a hit movie and worth watching.

It is about the feel-good love factor from the lady of the feudal family and a poor boy from a Dalit family.

Sivathmika just looked like her mother Jeevitha and she is here to stay. She will get good films in the near future. She has proved herself to be a good actor from Dorasani.

The taking of the movie and the music are also good. Both the producer and the director have to appreciate the quality of the movie. Both Rajasekhar and Vijay Devarakonda will be proud of this movie. Mahindra the director has succeeded in moulding both the actors to the maximum extent possible.

dorasani review
The Telangana dialect used in the movie is excellent.

The climax was executed well by the director. The movie is worth watching that is what the viewers said.

Starring: Anand -Sivathmika
Music:Prashant Vihari
Producer: Mathura Sridhar
Director:KVR Mahindra