Distribute food properly

secretary Municipal

An incidence was noticed in Manikonda in Ranga Reddy district today were in a crowd of about 3000 people gathered on account of free distribution by one of the private persons. Such unorganised & sporadic gatherings by Pvt individuals / NGOs / institutions, however well-intentioned, works totally against the concept of social Distancing and may lead to L&O situation.

The secretary Municipal administration said that one such incident and all your sincere efforts in ensuring social distancing and undertaking all required precautions go in vain.

I would like to mention, in this regard, as to what is being done in GHMC which is much larger and where the number of philanthropists and Samaritans are many more. We have worked out a centralised system wherein all such requests of donations, distributing food packets, distributing such material is informed to and monitored centrally by an additional commissioner who has her team of officers working under her. That way, she is able to ensure that such material is sent in order of priority to the most needy ones and that no such material is wasted. Further, she coordinates involving police and local officials in a manner that social distance in as well as proper order is maintained while distributing such material.

It is accordingly advised that additional collectors local bodies for each district should be designated as the nodal officer for coordinating the effort of distribution which is offered by NGOs and other private institutions. The additional collector shall coordinate with the concerned municipal commissioner and the local police and shall ensure that distribution of such material takes place strictly in order duly following the norms of social distancing and while maintaining L&O.

All municipal commissioners also should note accordingly and follow these guidelines without fail. The district collector may inform the local SP that action may be initiated against private individuals if they are not routing it through proper channel. Further the fact that additional Collector is appointed as nodal officer should be widely publicised giving his number and contact details so that those desirous of contributing can contact him easily.

Collectors may please acknowledge this and follow immediately