Develop infrastructure says KTR

ktr new pic

KTR Minister for IT K Taraka Rama Rao said that in order to encourage and push the public to use public transport system, effective and better management is being taken on plying of MMTS, Metro Rail and RTC and also providing better walkway, availability of by- cycle path, sufficient parking facilities and also proposals of using private open spaces for parking facilities. On lay out open spaces construction of Public toilets, Bus shelters, development of Greenery and providing street furniture will be taken.

KTR stressed on a Comprehensive Road Maintenance programme of 709 KM Main road for five years, the Hon’ble Minister instructed the Zonal Commissioners officials and agencies to start work from 9th of this month. apart from filling potholes and laying new roads 50% of 709 KM in the first year and 30% in 2nd year and 20% in 3rd year and its maintenance for two more years.

Further, the agencies are the sole responsibility for road cutting for laying cables, drainage works and for other utility works are done through this agency only. The agencies should have their own traffic consultant and try to provide better facilities with the utilisation of latest technology.

Further, the Hon’ble Minister KTR suggested the idea of having on unified Command of Traffic Commissioner for GHMC area of three Commissionerates to have better coordination in regulating the traffic.

Since there is health consciousness increasing among the public, if better facilities, footpath, zebra Crossing and disabled friendly are provided and create confidence among the people, people are willing to take walkway and better parking facilities.