Deepus diet and fitness

Deepus diet and fitness

Deepika personally believes that it’s not about how much you eat, but how healthy you eat. Pooja Makhija, Her meal timings are for every two hours. Deepika does not endorse skipping meals or fasting or dieting in order to stay ‘fit’.

She follows a balanced diet with an appropriate mix of carbohydrates and proteins. She always starts her day with fruits. For lunch, she prefers a bowl of dal, vegetables, a chapatti with chicken or fish. As far as dinner is concerned, she prefers having salads and roti.
    Deepus diet and fitness
Despite her hectic shooting schedules, Deepu always makes sure to extract time for regular physical exercise. She begins her day with Yoga and goes for a half-hour walk every morning.

She performs a lot of freehand exercises, stretching, and also does cardio training as well as light-weight lifting.