Cyber CP warns against MLM-389 crore

Pawan and hitikh malhan.jpeg

Pawan Malhan ( 62 years), who is Managing Director of eBIZ company and Hitik Malhan (31 years ), who looks after the Company affairs and the son of Pawan Malhan (Managing Director) are arrested. Till now an amount of Rs. 389 crores are freezed in the Bank accounts of eBiz.Com Pvt. Ltd company, its Directors and accused persons and the Company head office at Noida is also sealed. Other accused persons are yet to be arrested. Detail Investigation is being done.

Cyberabad Police has requested the public not to fall prey to such money circulation schemes which are being promoted in the name of Multi-level Marketing, Network marketing, Referral marketing, Chain marketing, Direct Selling etc.,

Whatever name these are called they are all Money Circulation Schemes. These fraudsters are cheating women, retired persons, students, Unemployed youth etc., in the name of part time jobs.

Products are just a camouflage but the back end is a Money Circulation Schemes banned in India under the provisions of Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act 1978.

We once again request the public not to look for easy or quick money. There is no short cut to earn money.