Conserve water says Mann Ki Baat

Modi Mann Ki Batt

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today opined that the development was powerful than the terrorism. He wanted the leaders and the people to concentrate on development and fight against terrorism.

Modi was speaking on the Radio program Mann Ki Baat on SundayHe also advocated for the conservation of water across the nation. He complimented the Meghalaya government for conserving the water and also announcing a specific water policy for the state.

He advised all other Governments to bring out the right strategies for conserving the water for future generations. Modi also talked about the success of Mission Chandrayaan 2 and said that India has done at a very low rate when compared to the developed nations.

The Prime Minister also explained that all-out measures were being taken to bring peace into the Kashmir valley. The people are participating in the development process in a big way he stated.

The people of Kashmir want security development and good governance he explained. The Government will bring in peace at any cost to the valley he asserted.

Last night Modi participated in the commemoration program of the Kargil heroes where the Amar Jawans and their sacrifice was remembered in a big way.